How does this work?

Also known as “Virtual Brands”, Virtual Restaurants are digital storefronts on delivery platforms that allow brick and mortar restaurants to reach more customers.

The cost and risk of a Virtual Restaurant is significantly lower compared to a brick and mortar, since the fixed costs are much lower (no brick & mortar costs, no front-of-house costs, lower labor costs and higher efficiency).

Furthermore, they are extremely fast to set-up and can be easily discontinued, which is why they are perfect for brick & mortar restaurants like yours to quickly and easily add another income stream to your kitchen. 

If you’re interested in quickly expanding your restaurant with low risk and low investment, Keaze is the leader in virtual kitchens.

goodfood is the fastest-growing restaurant company in the country. Our virtual brands are the highest-selling in the delivery market, so we guarantee instant profits upon starting to work with us.

In addition, we also offer help marketing your existing restaurant better in the digital platforms, we are the best at it.

None! You just have to cook our dishes with your existing staff and ingredients. We take care of all the costs, from brand development to marketing and customer support.

We guarantee you will want to work with our brands, all our Fulfilment Partners are extremely satisfied with their profitability. Nevertheless, you can easily cancel your partnership at any moment.

goodfood sends a tablet from where you manage all the orders of our brands. You just have to cook them and a delivery driver will pick them up.

Our brands use commonly stocked ingredients and our team will match the best brands to your restaurant, so you will be able to get more money and efficiency out of your existing ingredients stock.

Our dishes use commonly stocked ingredients and the recipes are simple and streamlined. We also give you online training on how to prepare them and our chefs are always available to support you.

goodfood sends biweekly direct deposits for the orders you complete. An extra stream of income, just that easy.

Each goodfood Fulfilment Partner has a unique territory to work with his chosen brands. You will never compete with nearby goodfood Fulfilment Partners cooking the same brands as you.

Any commercial kitchen owner can be a goodfood Fulfilment Partner. We work with single and multiple restaurants, regional and national chains, bars and pubs and other commercial kitchen operators.

They work the same as with any normal delivery platform payments.

goodfood is obligated to pass along any city-mandated ordinance and your savings will be reflected on your biweekly payments.

Yes! If you have a single, consistent location and can receive delivery orders through stable WiFi or hotspot connection, we can help your food truck get more orders!

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