Our Expertise

Our team specializes in using big data and trend analytics to deliver attractive virtual brands with industry-leading marketing techniques
Consultation of chefs in the kitchen

Concept Development

Our team of expert chefs use market insights to design innovative data-driven concepts and menus craved by the customers

  • Trend-matching innovative food concepts
  • Market-tested brands and menus demanded by the customers
  • Customer feedback analysis and brand improvement

Data Analysis

goodfood uses Big Data to identify market opportunities and get ahead of consumer trends, in addition to our real-time demographic consumer maps

  • Data-analysis from abundant third-party sources
  • Proprietary software analysis of market trends 
  • Data sourced from our delivery platform partners
Sushi assorted set
Grilled chicken wings

Branding & Marketing

Our Virtual Concepts are backed by customer demand and designed for delivery. Our team of industry-leading marketers create groundbreaking techniques to own the delivery game

  • Market-tested Virtual Brands demanded by customers
  • Advertising resources for each individual Virtual Brand
  • Industry-leading marketing techniques for market-leading sales

Food Delivery & Packaging

goodfood delivery brands are designed around 2 ideas: delivery and customer experience. Our experts engineer our menus so we can deliver hot, fresh meals in state of the art packaging to keep customers thrilled and satisfied

  • Delivery-friendly menus and meals
  • Excellent packaging solutions for a great user experience
  • Consumer experience resources to keep the customer engaged

Central Platform

Streamline all your deliveries and manage your whole business, from ingredient management to staff and customer feedback, from 1 tablet with our powerful all-in-one platform

  • Streamline all delivery orders from all delivery services
  • Manage all your business with our powerful AI platform
  • Get personalised recommendations to maximise your profits
  • Easily expand your third-party delivery markets to increase sales

Grow your restaurant business with the delivery experts

We help existing restaurants get their game on delivery with our industry-leading expertise 
Take advantage of the growth trend and turn delivery from headache to blessing
We help existing restaurants get their
game on delivery with our expertise
Don’t get left behind and turn
delivery from headache to blessing